Flowers at our Love’s Funeral

And suddenly he came home with a beautiful bouquet!

I know I should be happy because for no reason he came home with a beautiful bouquet for me!

I know I should be grateful because he remembered that every week I like to have new flowers at the house.

I know that I should be pleased with this gesture of love!

I know all that! So why do I not feel like that?!

Maybe because everytime he come home with flowers it is because he is about to ask something that will break my heart… or my soul… or both.

Maybe because everytime he brings me flowers it is not a sign of love, but a bargain change.

Maybe because everytime he brought flowers I ended up crying and with my heart broken, because he is not what he led me to believe he was.

Maybe because now I found out that we do not belong together for our life values are not the same.

Maybe because now I know these flowers are nothing more than a garland in our love’s funeral…


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