I Love Food Markets Around the World

I like that warm feeling of belonging, of being home that I have every time I go to a food or farmer’s market.

                       Portugal - Madeira Island

The colors are the first thing that catches my attention, in second place is the noise (there is no such thing as a quiet market!), in third is the smell and after that I am ready to feel the produces’ textures. At the end, whenever I have the chance I like to grab a bite of a piece of fruit or a dish prepared with whatever there is at the market and all of a sudden all five senses are awaken.

“I loved the experience of going to the farmer’s market, seeing where your food is grown, turning into something delicious” – Grace Potter

Food markets are more than selling and buying produces. There is always an exchange of knowledge that goes beyond an exchange of goods for money. One can always find somebody willing to tell you something more: it can be a story, an information or a recipe, just prepare yourself to listen.


It is just a trend
Actually, for me it is not. I still remember going to food markets with my grandmother when I was a child. The rules were : going during the morning, not at the beginning of the week (things might not be as fresh as they should) nor at the end (prices would be higher). Usually we would go on a Thursday, so we could still eat fresh produces during the weekend.
Every time I go to a food market I am not only travelling around the world but I am also travelling in time, and for a moment I can feel my granny close to me shopping for good, fresh food.


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