You Never Go Wrong With Desserts

Today it was a “kind of” market day. Explaining: I needed to make some grocery shopping but it was already too late to go to the market, so I decided to go to Middletown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and hope for the best. And that was what I found! The best bread pudding I have eaten in years! Luscious flavor! It makes you stop and taste slowly every bite and eat more at the same time!

If you are browsing around this part of town Harrisburg, Pennsylvania give it a try, it is worth it. You will find friendly smiles, knowledgeable help and delicious goods here.

This place is actually inside the Midtown Scholar Bookstore, so do not get surprised if you step inside a place full of books, when you get to the door. Let me tell you it happened to me. Rest assured you are at the right place! Or you can always choose to get inside through the Bookstore main door and find your way into the dessert corner…

What can go wrong if you are holding a book in one hand and a dessert on the other? It is a win/win situation!

This time I went for Bourbon Bread Pudding, but you will find your favorite among all mouthwatering desserts they have to offer.

Thank you Just Baked Cakes and Pies!

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