How (Not) to cut your Own Hair

I know, everybody is tired of pandemic stories, but this just seems like one and it starts like one, but it will end long time ago before this pandemic, around 46 years ago.

“Most of our childhood is stored not in photos, but in certain biscuits, lights of day, smells, textures of carpet”

Marcel Proust

It all began when I decided to cut my own hair, because I haven’t gone to the salon since… so many months have passed I lost track.

Awkward times, ask for creative solutions so there I was in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors in one hand and a comb in the other, having no idea of what to do… and afraid of what might happened.
This was not my first attempt and was never successful before. Always ended at the hairdresser and got out with a short haircut style. Nothing to be proud of…

Did I learn my lesson? Not by far: I kept trying over and over again, When you are in kindergarten, it might not be a big deal if you go to school with uneven bunches and really short bangs. Bur even the the most creative ponytail wouldn’t help when you have too really short bangs and you are a teenager in high-school!

I cannot give you a reason why I did what I did that evening just before my Bday. Maybe I was too bored, maybe I was feeling creative, maybe I was angry at myself (probably!) or maybe I thought it was time to give it a try again. I went to the bathroom, lean over the sink and cut what I thought to be the right lengthens of hair.

The moment I looked myself on the mirror I realized my mistake and there was no way back! I had to wait two days for the hairdresser to be open and the following day was my birthday! Not only that: I would have to go to school wearing long hair and short bangs !

I went to bed that night with the certainty that I would look the same in the morning… So I decided to embrace my mistake: I spent a very good time with my friends and my family and even took some pictures… smiling! The worst part was actually facing my colleagues on Monday morning, however it was not probably that bad because I do not have any particular recollection of that day. I guess they are right when they say everything is ok at the end.

I think that was my last time trying, until this year and just because I do not have a choice!
While my mind was traveling through time, my hands were traveling through my hair. For once I did not cut my hair as an impulse. Each stroke was made with as much precision as I could, without any rush and the final result was not so bad. In fact I might give it another try in 3/4 months from now!

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