Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year made us stop, think and reevaluate our priorities, maybe we are more aware now of what to be Thankfull for on our lives.

I realized that distance is not a number, distance is not be able to be with the ones we love and care at all. But love will find ways to make possible for hearts to be together.

I realized that Hugs are a very important part of live. I miss hugs and holding hands and be close to people I care about.

I realized how important Smiles are. I miss smiling at people that I just pass by and to see them smile back. But I learned that we can smile with our hands and eyes.

By the way, I realized how powerful are our eyes! Not just for seeing the world, but to show the world how we are feeling.

I realized how important it is just to be able to go outside whenever I feel like to enjoy fresh air, sun, rain, cold…

I realized how important it is each decision I make on how to live my life. Small choices sometimes represent life or death to my community.

I realized how important are kindness, solidarity and awareness.

Stay safe, be kind.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Next year we all be together ❤

2017 Thanksgiving Parade, New York

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